Ferme Maricole Purmer

In the heart of the Seven Islands Archipelago, La Ferme Maricole Purmer grows mussels, scallops and a few varieties of edible seaweed. For the past few years, it has also opened the doors of its paradise to nature lovers.


La Ferme Maricole Purmer was founded in 1994 on Grosse Boule, one of the seven paradises of the Seven Islands Archipelago. It belongs to a commercial fisherman, Serge Gagnon, who wished to raise mussels there.

In 2007, a marine enthusiast named Sandra Blais acquired the business and began cultivating mussels, scallops and seaweed. Over the years, she set up yurts and developed the tourist potential of a unique farm: a youth camp, a resort, sea excursions and a whole range of outdoor activities!


La Ferme Maricole Purmer is located in the Seven Islands Archipelago, on the western sector of Grosse Boule. Access to the site is by inflatable boat. The trip from the Sept-Îles marina takes about 15 minutes, depending on weather conditions.